I'm Candice Davies.

I founded Your Social Funnel (YSF) in 2020.

What gets me up in the morning? Aside from the relentless calls of "mommyyyyyyy" (followed by a strong cup of coffee), it’s this:

Helping brilliant coaches, creators and consultants to build a profitable online business through social platforms! 

I know the whole world says it can do this for you. Most of that is cheap smoke with expensive mirrors.

But this?

This is bottom-up business-building that takes you and your accomplishments seriously. Using a smartphone, if that’s what you have available.




Although I like to think of it as an expression of my passion (*wink*). Never in a vulgar, crude way, more in a funny let's laugh about sh$#!t way! But I can't help it, sometimes those sneaky buggers just slip right out of my mouth.


You'll very rarely see me with a full face of make-up and beach waves. I'm more of a jeans, sneakers and pony-tail kind of gal.

Oh and I looooove a good hat!


Most of the time I'm a warm, positive person who loves to have fun and laugh. Although, my kids do periodically set my Netflix profile picture to the one of a demon - but in all fairness steal my chocolate and that's on you!

You’ll see that I have a superpower: the ability to dig into your world, spot what's missing and pull everything together for you.

*Cue for the heavenly angels to sing


I like to use an organised, step-by-step approach that leaves you feeling like you actually know what's going on in your business (call me crazy?!), and how you can get to work creating the success that up until now, you've only dreamed of.


Because I work best with people I can really connect with, I specialise in serving female entrepreneurs.

Women who know what they know and know what they don’t, AND... who need help when it comes to transforming the theory of online business into a “practice” that is realistic and sustainable.

I’m as a much a mom and wife (3 kids, 2 Pekes, 1 husband) as I am a social marketing strategist and Pro-Kajabi funnel-builder, so I’ll only ever give you solutions that fit in and around your real life.