Showing people you're the REAL DEAL!

By now, you already know that at the heart of your success on social media is a solid content strategy (or as I call it the "conveyor belt" strategy) designed for the MAJORITY of your audience - the 98% of your followers who are not ready to take action - AKA the window shoppers.


And if we're doing a good job with it, not only will it get you to make better content day after day, this strategy WILL get your followers to take action with you - eventually!


If you're a "I-need-the-secret-hack, so I can get there fast" kind of person, I'm gonna tell you right now - you won't like what I have to say or how I think, and truthfully this may not be the right place for you.


But for those of you who have been around for long enough and roll your eyes every time you see some one promising to "10 X your revenue in 30 days" or telling you you can make "45 pieces of content in 5 minutes", you will know that the fastest path to getting what you want, is to slow down.


Today, I want walk you through a very important but overlooked strategy when it comes to social media:




Let me explain something about your followers that will help you...

Your followers are human beings (hopefully), and as human beings, just like us, their brains are relentlessly trying to avoid any unnecessary thinking (umm hello reels land!!)

This means, that when people have problems, they want finding the solution to be AS EASY AS POSSIBLE!


Ok ...

So what does this have to do with you?

Well ... your people have problems. Problems that are significantly impacting their health, their relationships, their income, their emotional state, their business, and and and ...

... and when they are scrolling on social media, the person that is going to stand out, catch their attention and get them to STOP and SAY: "This is me!" is ...

you guessed it...

"The Expert"; the "Authority" who is speaking directly to them!


Now before you go down a rabbit hole of self doubt...

thinking "but I'm not the best" or "who am I to call myself an expert, when deep down I have imposter syndrome"...

here's the FIRST STEP in becoming THE BEST:



You see, when you try and use your profile to get in front of "as many eyes as possible" you dilute your message and you become invisible in a sea of generalists.


SPECIFICITY AND DETAILS won't just pave the way to authority, it will clarify your message so powerfully that your ideal followers can't help but notice you!

And when you become an expert that specialises in the problem your followers have ...

investing with you in your signature high ticket program is an easy decision for them.


If there's ambiguity, how can you expect commitment?

No one invests in confusion.


In tomorrow's email, I'm going to reveal the way you can start to "de-influence" your content (more on this tomorrow) and how you'll know when your content is landing.


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