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Not that long ago my own IG content strategy was nothing to brag about. 

I was so busy doing all.the.things I needed to do in my business (seeing to all my client work, creating proposals, following up on emails and messages, sorting out my admin and and and), that my own social media was often the very first thing to be put on the back burner.

All the Done For You work I was doing with my ABC method of content creation, was developing a consistent posting schedule for my clients, resuscitating their followers, and growing their audience!

I quickly realized that I needed to "practice what I preach" and start applying my own strategy to my business, so I could also start getting new eyes on my profile, downloads of my lead magnets and clicks to my website.

If you in need of some help, getting your content strategy in place, and want to see the results of your social media marketing translating into emails and DM's asking how to work with you, or sign ups to your course/membership, let's chat!



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