You Have Influence BUT You're NOT an Influencer!

When speaking about the elements that are foundational to not just improving your social media presence but revolutionizing it, I always emphasise the importance of a rock-solid content strategy and the undeniable power of specificity, and today, we're about to shift into something equally critical yet often overlooked: the art of De-Influencing your content.




When online creators and coaches aren’t sure what kind of content to be making for their profiles, they look to social influencers and "guru's" who tell them to create content like "how to" or tips and tricks with the latest trends and audios. And by doing this, you not only land up creating content that looks just like everybody else's simply blending into the "noise", but you risk leaving your audience completely indifferent and underwhelmed.


And you already know that it's impossible to get someone to buy from you, if they can't even remember you!


In a world where everyone seems to be shouting for attention, it's easy to get lost in the noise, mimicking strategies that promise quick wins but fail to connect on a deeper level.


But here's the truth — authenticity is your greatest asset.


De-Influencing Defined:


De-Influencing is about peeling back the layers of hype and expectation to reveal the core of what makes your offer unique.


It's a call to step away from the "influencer" mentality of chasing trends for engagement and to start creating content that's genuinely impactful, deeply informed, and unmistakably you.


Why It Works:


When you speak from a place of expertise and authenticity, your message resonates more powerfully with your followers.


People can sense the difference between content created for clicks and content crafted with care, insight and empathy.




Whether you currently sell (or want to sell!) a high ticket online course or a group coaching program...


Here's something you NEED TO KNOW:




Think about it...


You don’t just hand over $997 to work with someone who is funny or has a "nice" cohesive feed, with posts that look just like every body else's do you?



Of course not!

So then why would you ever assume YOUR followers are going to part with their hard earned money if that's what YOUR content is like?


If you want to establish more credibility with your audience, attract more of the right people to your profile and BOOST your followers trust and confidence in you, here's what you need to start doing:


→ Speak to One: Remember our discussion on specificity yesterday? Apply this by creating each piece of content as if you're speaking to a single person facing a specific problem.


→ Showcase that You can Go Beyond the Obvious: problems exist in layers and it's crucial to demonstrate to your followers that you understand that the challenges they face aren't always as straightforward as they appear.


Enter my High Converting Habitat Framework, the set up that will empower you to consistently create content that not only engages but converts so that you'll never again find yourself wondering, "What should I post?" or "Why is no one buying?".