Is Social Media Nothing More than a Necessary Evil These Days?

Lately, I've found myself thinking a lot about the following dilemma:


On the one hand, if you've been in the online space for a bit of time, you've probably come round to the reality that so much being spewed around is quite simply garbage. Coaches preaching words that seductively lure, success roadmaps with advice that sounds good in theory but that's completely out of touch with the small business owner of today, influencers proposing strategies that don't work, marketing that's false, and every second 6 and 7 figure business owner dangling timelines and projections that are outrageously skewed,


We almost can't stop ourselves from clicking on posts that promise far fetched outcomes, as we find ourselves wondering if this will be the post that we finally get "the secret" from.

We're collecting books and courses we don't read or watch, all in the name of "developing" and up-skilling, when in truth - we are desperately seeking out the missing element we think is responsible for the lack of our growth and success.

We want so badly to make this work, that it feels as if we're willing to abandon all common sense, and the social platforms that were birthed with the intention to create more connection have become more like the busy streets of New York - packed with people not speaking to each other.


It's no wonder that so many of us are feeling disconnected, lost and quite frankly alone.

And what is there to do about it?

Is social media nothing more than a necessary evil these days?

How do you grow an audience as a small business owner when it feels like everyone wants a quick fix, sensationalised BS and who continue to be drawn to the kids who get to sit at the "grown up table".


I have some thoughts, but I'm genuinely curious to hear from some of you. Are you noticing or feeling anything similar?

Shoot me a DM cause I think this is a conversation we cannot avoid having as small business owners in the online space and I'd love to hear your take.