Hitting Roadblocks when Thinking of Going Live?

Have you ever found yourself saying these things?

"I have no idea what I should be talking about when I go Live - so I don't"

"I just kind of ramble on and on and on"

"I land up speaking about the same thing every time"


I get it. I promise.

And if it makes you feel any better, so many of my students have come to me saying these things time and time again.

And these roadblocks?

Are VERY real when it comes to getting visible and showing up Live so you can show your followers that you understand their challenges, problems and goals on all levels and stand out as a coach who can go deep.


But you know, when you overcome them, real momentum can happen. Momentum that:

➤ Makes going live so much more bearable as you start seeing all your consistent hard work paying off with results!

➤ Gets more viewers joining your lives, with more comments, questions and feedback.

➤ Makes going live your preferred way of connecting with your audience (did you ever think that could happen?)


And today? I am sharing two great strategies to help YOU overcome these roadblocks and achieve these transformations.

Let’s go!



I'm all about taking messy action and not letting perfection stand in the way of getting things done.

But there is a difference between doing things and not feeling 100% ready, and just winging things as we go along.

And when you go live, there is no hiding a poor plan.

In fact there is a great exercise you can do (I did this myself) to get you started.

Think about the most common things you hear your audience saying about a specific problem or the most common things people ask you as an industry expert - get some post-it notes and write them all down. Then go live and speak to one specific "note" at a time.

I wrote mine all down and put them on the back of my office door!


REMEMBER: a great Spotify playlist is one that has variety, a collection of all your favourites, not just one song that you play over and over and over again.

So you want to vary your content, make it interesting and different so your audience feels like every time they tune in, they're getting something good.



Once you're used to being Live and maybe you've used the above exercise to get warmed up, you'll want to move beyond the obvious.

Content that converts goes deeper than surface-level value content.

It allows you to deep dive into the psychology of your Ideal Follower and address the spoken and unspoken elements of their perspective and circumstances.

It shows your audience that you profoundly "get it" and ... that you have insight that can help shift things for them!

And ... if this is something you've known deep down in your gut but you're stuck and don't know where to begin, I have a 3 pre-built frameworks that you can absolutely use in a live format that will get you taking this step forward.

You can click here to grab them!